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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


We are inclusive of women coming from different countries, collaborative and inclusive in strengthening our vision through empowering our work for society by empowering small business groups and parents working from home, by providing them with a wide range of training, market access to maintain sustainable livelihoods.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that all sisters are in safe hands, in a place where trust is a priority, by developing economically and intellectually without being judged by anyone or finding ourselves in a situation of discrimination, through access to education, trainings, access to resources and the promotion of gender that we can invest in women’s plans for a secure, independent and sustainable life



To smooth out those wrinkles and enable Sisters to access what they need to succeed in their plans.
We believe in lifting each other  by giving them support that needed in difficult times, to enable them to raise their children, in a safe and nurturing home environment, whilst they work on improving their circumstances.

Meet The Team

Our Sponsors

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